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Saturday, 20 August 2011


After unsuccessfully trying to flog a load of stuff on eBay, me and my cousin have decided to hit the car boot sale tomorrow, set up a stall and sell as much of our crap as we can!  I now have a bag full of jewellery and trinkets, a bag full of old teddies and a bag of bags and clothes, plus a small mountain of books.  If I sell most of that for £2 or so then I'll be doing OK.  I don't have high expectations, so any money I make will be a bonus.

Only thing is, the damn boot-sale starts at 8am and it's first come-first served on a plot so we'll have to be there early to queue in the car to get in.  Thankfully it's only 5 min from my house, but I recklessly said I'd go out for drinks tonight so I'd better not go mad or I'll never get up in the morning! Or spend the whole day there freezing and hungover, which is not what I want!!

Still, it should be good enough, and it's helped clear a bit of space in my room. 

Who needs eBay? We're going old skool!!

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