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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Car Boots

So today was the big car boot sale.  I rolled out of bed at 4:45am and made it there for half past 5, the boot sale opened at 6.  My auntie and cousin were there earlier so they got us two pitches together which was good, cause it made the time pass quickly chatting to them.

In the end I sold a fair amount but only made £17 - and it costs a tenner to get a pitch anyway!  So not much good on the money-making side but fun all the same and I got rid of a lot of stuff, mostly teddies.  Some guy showed up at five past 6 and bought a big stash of teddies - he took 11 in all! Or at least he thought he did... I wanted £1 for each toy and he kept saying he'd only give me 50p.  Because he was buying so many I agreed and it should have come to £6 but then he only had £5.50 on him!  And he kept saying, "50p discount, 50p discount"... I was pretty mad but he left the bag of toys with me so he could come back and pick them up later on.  So when he'd left I took two out - an Eeyore, and a huge fluffy Care Bear.  So in the end he only got 9, serves him right!  I didn't sell those two later but anyway, I would have been mad to think I'd let them go and got totally ripped off!

Anyway, I also sold some bags, sunglasses and jewellery.  I think we're going to go back next week on the Saturday which is meant to be busier, and I'll sort my stuff out better then.  I had clothes that no-one was really interested in so next time I'll take more books and glasses and things, and I think I'll put up wee posters with offers on.  I think I'm getting the hang of it!

I'm a bit knackered now though, so I might go for a nap!  I went for some drinks with V last night, in Boteco do Brasil, one of my favourite Glasgow places. Good music, good food and a very nice hot-but-knows-it waiter.  I like to think I might be a favoured customer seeing as how I spent a small fortune on cocktails last time I was there!!  We had a lovely time but I was a right grumpy-arse this morning!  I kept muttering, "This had better be bloody worth it" all the way to the car boot sale.  Definitely time for a snooze now.


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