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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mad (wo)Men

I forgot to say, the one and only bad thing about Summer School was that I lost my favourite cardigan.  I left it lying beside my bag in the pub and when I went back, it was gone.  I suppose it could have been worse cause I didn't lose my purse, phone, etc... but it was a lovely soft grey leopard-print cardigan and I'd just sewn a row of new buttons on it. Oh well.
Anyway, maybe I've been moaning about it and my mum took pity on me cause we were passing through H&M yesterday and we both saw a lovely coat on a mannequin.  It's only once in a blue moon that me and mum agree on clothes so she took it as a sign and bought it for me.  This is it, and it is lovely:

HR lent me her Mad Men boxset (Seasons 1-3) and I have become addicted.  I wasn't sure I'd like it but, in fact, I do.  I love the clothes, the characters, the storylines... and at least 4 times an episode I shout out at the sexism or mutter about the way some guy has just spoken to his wife.  Brilliant entertainment + feminist outrage = TV heaven!

I guess it goes without saying that I love the fashions, too, and as I was watching an episode last night I realised that someone was wearing a coat very similar to my new one!  Maybe that's why it caught my eye, cause I've been so immersed in the early-'60s for the last few days!  Don't care though, I love it!

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