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Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm Baaa-aaack!

Yes, for all those who were distraught and at a loss when I went away, fear not! I'm back again.

And for those of you who didn't know I was away - shame on you! - I'll fill you in: I went down to Birmingham with a few amigas from the Glasgow Feminist Network to go to the weekend Summer School run by UK Feminista and hosted by Birmingham Fems.  It was so much fun!

We decided to fly down because it was the cheapest option, and we decided it beat a 4 hour train journey.  So, HR stayed at my house the night before and we rose with the larks (not that I've ever seen a lark) and hopped down to Glasgow International for our 06:50 flight.  Once we'd arrived in Birmingham we found our way into the city centre for breakfast, with only a slight detour on the wrong monorail track.  I've never been anywhere that had a monorail, it was awesome.  And it was free!

Anyway, once we made it to the university, we signed up for the events we wanted to go to and it all began!  We went to big talks by people from Eaves, Object, Women for Women International... and several smaller workshops about how to organise your feminist group, how to advertise, how to do events etc...  All in all, it was really useful for us in running the GFN and we got filled with the feminist spirit!  Everyone there was so nice and friendly, there was a real camaraderie there, it was great.

On the Saturday night there was an after-party so we had dinner in the halls of residence - drinking games ahoy! - and then headed to the party to tear up the dancefloor.  The security guard there didn't know what had hit him when ten feminists hit the floor to dance like wild things and sing along at the top of our voices to Blondie!  I think us Glasgow peeps led the way but we were quickly joined by others and danced the night away.  We finished with an enthusiastic Wannabe and that was the end of an amazing night.

Admittedly, the hangover the next day was distinctly less amazing but we powered through for another day of classes and workshops, and thanks to coffee, Nurofen, coffee, bit of food, Monster Munch and coffee we made it through and found our second (third? fourth?) wind.

Our flight back to Glasgow was at 20:30 and by the time we got home we were well and truly knackered.  Not including flights, I managed to only spend £50 for all my food and drink (of which there was plenty)  - money well spent, and a crowd of very happy Glasgow Feminists!

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