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Monday, 8 August 2011

Smelly Cat

The Smeaters household is without a shower.  I don't know exactly what's wrong with it but I do know that it's going to take at least 2 weeks to fix.  We do have a bath, so I'm not actually a smelly cat but today I forced myself down to the gym just so I could shower and wash my hair afterwards!  I was tempted to just go in, shower and leave, but I didn't.  I happily made it in just in time for an episode of CSI Miami starting (the Gorbals Gym cardio machines have wee TVs built into them) so I did a punishing 45 minutes whilst watching that.  The time passed so much faster than when I'm just listening to my iPod!  I think I'll start going to that gym more often, even though there's one closer to my house.

I also handed in my job form for the guitar store, so that was good - fingers crossed!  I heard about a lipgloss that I wanted from Collection 2000, which is pretty cheap (it was my brand of choice when I was about 14 for just that reason!) but they didn't have the colour I wanted!  Very peeving, but never mind.

I think my mum wants to go to Silverburn tonight to have a look at TVs (still haven't decided which one to get: size, brand, LCD/LED...?) and there's a Boots there so I might pop in and see if I can get it.

Not much chat today, really!  It's a lovely sunny day and pretty warm, so it was quite nice wandering about town - and much more of an effort to force myself into the gym!  If it's nice again tomorrow I'll see if I can finally corral ED in and we can go and feed ducks in the park.  Lovely way to pass the day!

I was at LW's flat party the other night, and that was pretty good fun!  Lots of drinks and chat to be had - and wigs!  MM brought a couple along for me to borrow and LW had a few of her own so we all wigged-up and pranced about like those weird kids' dolls.  (Bratz? Is that what they're called, and do they have funny coloured hair?)

Anyway, here we are; I actually really like myself as a platinum blonde - who'd've thought it?!

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  1. I used to have a whole drawer of collection 2000 stuff in my teens! Those were the days! I've recently rediscovered Barry M nail varnish *swoon*.