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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Talk about a culture shock!  After ten blissful, warm days in Tenerife I come home to find Scotland is getting hit by the tail of Hurricane Katia.  A few days for cosy socks, tea and snuggling under blankets, for sure! 

I had an amazing holiday - me and Paul (my brother) were sharing a flat and my mum and granny were staying in another flat in the same complex.  We spent loads of time at the pool, and went snorkeling on the beach a few times too!  The first day we went we didn't see many fish - the odd stripy one floating about, but we did see a big sword stuck in the floor of the sea, which was pretty cool.  The second day we went, the water was much rougher and quite cloudy from all the sand getting blown about but we saw loads more fish - I swam right through a school of sardines!  Wish I had an underwater camera for such moments!

I'm happy to say I picked up a good tan, and narrowly avoided getting burnt!  I also did a good bit of shopping and got a lovely wee dress and pair of leather boots.  I'm usually quite fussy about boots - I don't like ones that come too high up my leg cause they make me look stumpy (!), and I want them to be chunky but not too much.  Anyway, I stumbled across this pair in Stradivarius, and despite the roasting heat outside, I immediately saw their potential as replacements to my treasured others that are well past their best - I've had them re-soled and re-heeled so many times that the last time, the cobbler told me he wouldn't be able to fix them any more!

I'm happy to report that they're very comfy, very waterproof, and have already been put to good use in the 3 days since I got back!

I also got a lovely wee star-print dress (in case you hadn't noticed, stars are the print to be seen in for A/W 2011), which actually goes quite well with the dress:

Hmm, that picture isn't the best, but you can check it out online here, if you like.  Happy shopping times, indeed!

So, I'm not exactly thrilled to be back - I've mostly been reading in bed since I got home, to be honest, but once I adjust back to the weather I'll be back on form.  Probably.

I've had a couple of call-backs about jobs - though I still haven't actually been given a job.  But it's more than I've had in a long time so I'm hoping that something will come out of it and in the mean time I'm still bombing out the CVs and applications.  Positive thoughts, please, peeps!

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