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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


The sun comes out long enough for me to buy a pair of sandals in happy optimism, then the next day it clouds over and I can't wear them. 

I'm off for an appointment at the jobcentre again, snore.  It was quite nice not having to go down there every week while I was away but now it's not so nice not having any money coming in so I had to phone them back up.  On the plus side, I'm meeting HM for lunch today, so that'll be nice.

To cheer myself up in the face of the pants weather, I checked out my all time favourite video.  Here it is:  I never get tired of it!

Hope you enjoyed that, I might watch it again!  They're a band called Lulu and the Lampshades, and they've released a couple of singles (or maybe just one).  I asked, and one of the girls wrote to me and said that they're working on an album which will include a recorded version of this song 'Cups'.  You heard 'em here first!

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