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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Happy Feet!

New shoes!  Hurray!

Anyone that knows me will know that my accessory obsession is scarves, not shoes.  But sometimes I see a pair of shoes so amazing that I fall in love with them, and I'm happy to report that le Wardrobe de Clara has a new favourite addition, bought today for the uber reasonable price of £10!  They weren't even on sale, that was actually just the price, I couldn't believe it.  They're by a brand called Ella London, and though each one has a slight mark on the front strap (I asked the shop assistant and she said they were all like that) I loved them anyway.

I saw these shoes in a shop window last week and thought they were awesome (and then I saw the price tag, and realised they really were awesome...) but the shop was closed and then with all the rain last week I forgot about them, I was more worried about the state of my wellies.

But today the sun is shining, I ventured out in a cardie and light dress (no tights), and as I sauntered through Royal Exchange Square I suddenly remembered these shoes.  They weren't in the window any more but I went inside and found them, and promptly tried them on.  They looked like they would be a bit big but once they're all done up they fit perfectly. (It's really not fair - for such a short person, I have surprisingly big feet.)

So, of course, I bought them.  They are now my new summer shoes and I intend to wear them with everything, every day that the sun shines from now until forever...

Check 'em out:

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