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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Being unemployed really gives you too much time

Which is why last night I spent a good hour preparing my entry for a wee competition.  Marie Claire magazine gave away a free eyeliner or eyeshadow this month, and on their website there's a competition to submit your photos of your best 'smokey eye' using their products.  The winner gets £100 worth of beauty stuff.

So, when I found myself at a loose end last night I broke out the makeup bag and put on My Eyes.  I was quite pleased with th result - the free MC eyeshadow is a mineral eyeshadow by Inika and it's a nice pewter grey shade.  You can put it on quite sheer or pat it on for a more glittery opaque look.

Anyway, I took about 30 damn photos just to try and get one that showed off the eyes well, and I thought I might as well stick them up here seeing as I'm at a bit of a loose end today, too.

I've spent many an hour perusing the Lisa Eldridge videos, so that's usually where I get my best ideas from, then I just mess about and try new stuff out til I get what I want.

Here, in all my narcissistic glory, is the finished result from last night.  I'd like to point out, I'm not naked, I'm just wearing a strapless top:



  1. LOVe it, think that last snap is a beauty xxx

  2. Thanks, that one was done with 'sepia tint' on the camera.