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Friday, 10 June 2011

I know, I know, I should be doing that job application...

...but it's OK because they messed up the application and added a new section yesterday, and now the deadline has been pushed back.  I just realised this and so now my procrastinating feels justified.  Almost wish I hadn't found out because I was on track to just getting it finished this afternoon!  But I'll stick with it, and just get it done before I go out tonight. 

I keep getting distracted by the squirrel in the back garden, Shug. (My dad's wee pet; he named him.) I've already put out nuts for him - he comes to the patio doors, puts his front paws on the window, stands on his back legs and stares you out if you don't - and now he's running about all over the place collecting them.  Something tells me I might be looking for distractions... Shug is kind of scraping the barrel.

I'm really blogging because I'm thinking - again - about doing a postgrad and I just don't know what to do.  Anyone who's listened to be bang on about this before will know that I've toyed with doing public policy, publishing, journalism and law.  And I never decide on any of them.  The reason I can never decide is actually totally straight forward:  the only thing I really want to study is Women's Studies. 

The problem is, a postgrad will cost in the range of £5000 and after a postgrad in something like Women's Studies, what exactly am I meant to do?  Aside from picking a PhD question and signing over the next 5 years to academia and living in libraries, then going on to be a lecturer or something.

In terms of job prospects, W.S. doesn't really match up to something like law where you know what the ideal end result would be. i.e.: a job.

But I really, really want to do it. 

I just don't know what to do.  After an interesting but slightly useless undergrad (MA in Hispanic Studies and Music, in case you didn't know), I'm wary of starting another course that's not going to take me anywhere.  By that I mean, anywhere that's going to make me a bit of money.  And the way the tuition fees are going nowadays, I'd need some serious bloody money to pay off whatever debt I accrue in doing the course!

Any advice/pearls of wisdom will be much appreciated guys - anyone done Women's Studies and really benefited from it?  Or anyone done a postgrad that got them nowhere and wish they'd never done it?!

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