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Thursday, 9 June 2011

I don't know if you've ever tried photographing your own ear...

...but I'm here to tell you that it's not easy.  However, in the name of blogging, and my new earrings, I persevered. 

We got an Avon catalogue through our door a while ago and I had a flick through it.  None of the makeup really caught my eye, though some of it was nice enough.  But I did spy this set of 3 pairs of earrings, each pair a different fruit.  Perfect for this season's 'fruity-floral' overload, with fruit-print everywhere you look.  And also just the right side of kitsch, in lovely bright colours.  So, they were delivered today, and I stuck them right on to check them out.

Here, you have one each of the cherries, the apple and the strawberry:

The pics aren't really the best quality - trying to negotiate enough light and not casting a shadow from my phone while I got in close enough was tricky! - but I think you can get the gist.  I'm really pleased with them, especially the apple ones, I love the bright green!  I think I'll probably wear a different one in each ear - shame I don't have three ears, really - and tomorrow I'll start with the cherries and the apple.  By coincidence, I've been wearing my wee strawberry necklace today anyway, a lovely gift from my lovely chum and fellow Spanish/Portuguese-adventurer HM!  So, in fairness to all the other fruits, the strawberry earrings will be kept for another day.

Today is also the first day to get your hands on July's UK Glamour magazine for your Bene-tastic goodies.  Unfortunately, the sizes of the bottles you get are pretty tiny - in my optimistic head, I'd convinced myself they'd be giving away full-size bottles - but still worth buying for £2, I think.  My awesome mum went out and bought me 3 copies today so I could have one of each!  I still haven't tried the Posie Tint, but it looks like it'll be much the same as Benetint but in paler pink-peach.  I think whenever Glamour have a big giveaway like this they tend to sell out really fast, so if you're thinking of getting one I'd get it ASAP to make sure you get the freebie you want!

I've just noticed that I've had these earrings in for about an hour now, and so far no itches or other signs of allergy from my uber sensitive, highly fussy wee ears.  Hurray!

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