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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hear Me Roar

There was a secret sale on at the wee clothes boutique round the corner from us, and my mum and granny were some of the people who got told about it.  I don't know if you needed a secret code or something but for the next 3 days certain people can go in and get 25% off.  So my mum and my granny went round and I went round to meet them about an hour later so we could all go for lunch.

There was a cool necklace that I'd seen a few times and really liked but it was about £30 so I never bought it.  I kept thinking 'As soon as I get a job...'

Anyway, my mum left her phone in the shop so after I met her I went in to pick it up for her, and my mum followed me in and bought the necklace for me!  Here's a pic of it: leopard-tastic!  It's uber bling, and I totally love it!

Going out to Uddingston tonight to visit MM, so I should get my stuff together.  I wanted to buy Glamour magazine today cause you get free Benefit products with it: you can choose between the classic Benetint, High Beam - which I love - and Posie Tint, which I've never tried.  I'm thinking about buying the mag 3 times to get them all, which will work out at a saving of just under £64!!  I even thought about buying extras and selling them on eBay - if I sold one of each for £10 instead of RRP £24, then I'd have enough to buy my new Jean Paul Gaultier perfume!  Genius!  That's assuming people buy them, of course.  If they didn't then I'll be stuck with an overflowing makeup bag of Benefit goodies!

It turns out the magazine isn't out today, must be tomorrow.  I saw a thing on Twitter about some kind of delay in the deliveries, so I guess that's why.  So, now you all have plenty of time to decide which one you want and go on the hunt tomorrow!

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