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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cake Time

It's amazing how much the weather affects your mood - and your appetite!  When it was raining at the start of the week, I was planning on making a caramel cake to take to my friend's party tomorrow night.  Today, with the sun belting down, I decided to go for a lemon cake instead!  If it rains tomorrow I'll probably change my mind... but by then it'll be too late anyway so I'll just need to go with it!

This is the same lemon sponge cake that I made before, and it's really tasty.  It's like a lemon overload - lemon-flavoured sponge, lemon curd between the 4 layers, and lemon buttercream icing on top.  Ohhh yeah!  All the lemon flavours are quite subtle so it's not overwhelming but when you put them all together it just like the perfect lemon cake!

Need to go to the supermarket for flour and eggs though, can't be bothered.  And my dad's just put his jammies on so my chances of a lift may be a bit slim!!

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