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Wednesday, 20 April 2011


No, not the mad '70s musical - I'm talking about my hair!  For the first time in ages my hair is long enough to do things with...  For the past few years it's been really short in a kind of pixie cut and whenever it started to get a bit longer it would drive me mad and I'd get it cut short again. 

But for the last week while I've been growing it, and apart from getting my fringe cut in, I've left it alone.  The result is that *ta-DAH* it's long enough to do things with and I've rediscovered some hair accessories, which I very kindly thought I'd share with y'all...  

First up, we have this lovely black lacy corsage, complete with tiny black sequins for added sparkle.  This is one of those nifty corsages that has a hair clip on the back, and a safety pin so you can wear it on your clothes too,  Very handy.  (Just don't mix them up or you could find that corsage permanently pinned to your head!) 

Someone gave me this for my last birthday and I'm ashamed to say I can't remember who it was!  I got three black hair accessories on the same night, and I can't remember who gave me which one!  Sorry, guys!

Next in line is the Grecian headband, with 'pearls' and 'diamonds'.  The woman in River Island told me they were real, and I believe her... Ha.  Anyway, I bought this to replace my beautiful gold sparkly ASOS one which broke a while ago.  Gutted.  This new one is very nice, but the ASOS one will always hold a special place in my heart, if not on my head.  I blogged about this before, but here's a wee pic of it in action.

 This wee sparkler will set you back £7 at a River Island near you!

Third on the list are a pair of hand-made clips that I won from my friend Kerry's blog.  For all things crafty, cakey and homey, I highly recommend her blog and her Etsy shop!  She sent me these hair clips and a lovely candle-in-a-teacup. 

The clips are navy blue and are covered in tiny multi-coloured glass beads. Very pretty, and great for keeping my hair out my eyes on a Bad Fringe Day!


Up next, and bringing in a touch of Flapper glamour, is this beautiful black feather clip (another of the birthday presents, again sorry for not knowing who this one was from!).  It's a lovely shiny feather with a large rhinestone in the middle, and it is really very suave.   Admire if you will: 

Last but not least, my ever-growing scarf obsession/collection is coming into it's own with these warm days and longer hair!  They do as hairbands and turbans, they can be tied around buns, bunches or ponies, and best of all they cover a multitude of hair sins.  People will be so busy admiring the beauty of your lovely colourful scarf that they won't even notice your greasy roots/split ends/dodgy dye job or frizz extravaganza!  This is the style I've been favouring most recently: 

Part housewife, part rockabilly. I love it


  1. Hiya, thanks for the mention! I've decided to use your wee phrase as my blog tagline, so double thanks for that!! I knew those clips would look good on you :)