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Monday, 18 April 2011

Ahoy there, sailor lady!

In the end I decided to return the gold ASOS dress. It was lovely but I really preferred my red one (right), and when I added the £20 for control pants that I was about to shell out for, the dress lost it's barginous sheen.

I wore my red dress with my amazing feathered headpiece, simply gold jewellery and my glitzy diamante-encrusted kitten heels, which, as well as being uber sparkly and glad, are also very comfy!  I love this dress because of the shape of the straps, which don't come across very well in this picture.  But I also adore the puffed skirt and the pockets!  Skirts with pockets are one of my favourite things, clothes-wise!!

I was far more comfortable in this dress than I would have been in the gold one which was really more of a cocktail dress, and not nearly so well suited to ceilidh-dancing!

When I get the refund from, I'm going to buy this lovely skirt from Debenhams that I've been admiring for a few weeks.  They have it on a mannequin beside the escalators, and I swoon every time I pass it, but I always assumed it was from one of their expensive ranges.  Today I checked online and it's actually in the Red Herring collection, and it's only £16 - the exact cost of my dress!  Clearly, this is a sign...

The skirt comes in dark blue or bright blue, and I'm going for the bright one - this picture here from the website doesn't show how bright it actually is but it's a lovely vibrant shade, and it's knee-midi length, which I love!  I think nautical stripes might be my all-time favourite pattern; I already have several things in this style:  2 white-with-navy-stripe t-shirts (one tight, one baggy), a bright blue-with-white-stripe vest top and B-W-W-S shoes that I recently got for a snip in Primark.  This skirt will just complete my collection, and transform me into a chic sailor-girl, ahoy!  I think it'll be perfect for my trip to Valencia, and I'm sure I'll appreciate much more that the gold dress - I'm already getting excited about wearing it!

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