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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Getting pissed with my granny.

Grecian, pearl headband
River Island
Went out for breakfast after my mum's doctor appointment this morning, and then ran into town to see River Island's collection of turbans (as seen in this week's Grazia!).  Unfortunately, the only turban they had wasn't very nice.  It was leopard print, but I didn't like the material and it was a wee bit baggy, so I didn't get it.  I did buy a  lovely pearl Grecian head-band though, and I can't wait to wear it somewhere!

When I came home my Granny had come in and was wanting to go out somewhere for dinner, so I convinced them (my mum and my granny) to go to Bella Italia in the town, and then we went across the road to Ad lib for a cocktail!  Good times were had all round.  I think we were all a bit steaming by the time we left!  But we had a really good night, so I'm glad I got home in time to go! 

No word about working tomorrow, but it's just as well cause I'm meeting HM to go knitting in the Tramway at 2pm. Hopefully I'll be working at the weekend, to get a bit more money!

Have more fashiony stuff to blog, but think I'll leave it til I'm slightly more sober.  Anyway, Masterchef is on...

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