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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spanx Me!

The general consensuses (somehow that word looks wrong; spell-checker says it's not) seem to be that

1) I should go for the gold dress and
2) that I should buy a pair of Spanx. 

So, I might just have to bite the bullet and try them.  I still have doubts though, namely: can you even breathe in them?  Can you eat or drink without swelling up inside them?  Exactly how tight are they??

I have visions of them being uber tight and hardly being able to move and/or sit down, which frankly is more than I'm prepared to put up with in the name of looking good.  I am a feminist dontcha know!  Down with girdles and corsets, up with comfy pants!!


So, yeah, Debenhams have a sale on 'corrective' underwear, so I might go in today and - is this allowed? - try a pair on and see what I think.  But I'm not making any promises...


  1. Yes def try them on but don't be put off by the effort it takes to get them on! Once they're on, they're on!

  2. Ah good, so you are allowed to try them nin-store then?