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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I was out at MM's yest, and at one point she mentioned that suddenly everyone is talking about cupcakes on their blogs.  This is true, and I'm afraid I'm about to add to the cake-chat by telling y'all how my coffee cake turned out.

Once again I got the recipe from the treasure trove of cakey goodness that is the Caked Crusader blog and, with the help of my new electric whip, I got started...

The recipe is very simple and easy to follow, and the sponge came out nice and soft, though I think I could have cooked it for a minute or 2 less to make it slightly more moist.  The buttercream icing on the top was incredible though, it was so tasty I ate a big spoonful out the bowl after I'd finished icing the cake.  The coffee flavour wasn't that strong, unfortunately, but if I make it again I'll just add a bit more coffee to the mix and see if that helps.

This was my first sandwich cake, and although one of the halves was slightly lopsided, I just made that the top half and used the other, flatter one as the base.  I documented the whole process in pics (yeah, I'm a loser, you don't have to tell me!), so I thought I'd stick one or two here.

Just out the oven

The final result

I think I might invest in a piping bag, because it would help make the finish a bit nicer.  Also, I ended up using twice as much icing than the recipe suggested to make sure I had a nice thick layer on top, but it smooshed out a bit between the two halves, and I'm not sure how to tidy it up properly. I'm sure there's a method out there somewhere, I'll see what I come up with.  All in all though, I was pretty chuffed with my efforts! I'm already thinking about what to make next, I'm thinking a lemon sponge with lemon-lime buttercream icing.  Yums!

The icing-top of joy.


  1. electric 'whip' eh??? who knew cake making was kinky?? ;-)

  2. haha - electric WHISK, to WHIP up my icing!!