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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I hope this post gives Ashers something to pass the time...

Ahh, it's been so long that since I wrote a blog post that I'm going to fire off a quick one now!  Really shouldn't let this fall by the wayside.  I'll be like a Digi-Dori: "Just keep blogging, Just keep blogging..."  You see - pop culture references and everything on my blog!

Here's a quick update on the Lack Of Job situation:  I still don't have one.  However, I did apply for a great sounding job for UNICEF in London, which the advert said was the perfect foot in the door for anyone wanting to move from admin to the charity sector. Er, hello, that's me!  So I spent ages doing my application and sent it in on Saturday.  If I don't hear anything back in the next two weeks I didn't get it...  Found out today that I didn't get an Oxfam job I'd applied for, but there is a job going at the Glasgow Women's Library where I already work as a volunteer, so I'm going for that.  Right now, that would actually be The Dream.

I signed up for a temping agency as a stop-gap, not had my first shift yet but they said it's been quiet for the Easter hols and should pick up next week.  So that'd be good, to get a bit of money in.  I had a interview for a sales assistant job at Ollie and Nick in Princes Square, but I didn't get it.  Just the latest in a long list of rejections.  *Sigh*

Today I'm braving my way to Cessnock to talk to people at the charity Unity, who help asylum seekers new to the UK.  They do a women's group in the west end, so I'll try and get involved in that, and see what else I could do.  It's all good experience, which is what I really need, so I'm pleased to have found another opportunity!

In less boring work chat, I have a wedding to go to at the weekend, and I can't decide what to wear - I have 2 options, or a fail safe, standby black dress that I could wear if I had to.  The main options are: a full length (it was midi-length on the model on the asos website; it's maxi-length on me!) gold sequined, one-armed number with a straight falling skirt and a slit up the back.  I normally hate one-shouldered/-sleeved things but for some reason I like this.  The problem is that it's a wee bit clingy on the tummy and that's making me unsure.  My mum suggested Spanx, which I've never worn before, but I guess they could be the answer.

The other option is a lovely red and black dress that I've had for years but never worn yet.  It's a very vibrant red, with black straps and is slightly more casual than the gold.  If I wore this dress I'd also wear my new feather hairband, which is really quite fantastic.   The red dress is slightly tight over the boobs which is what's putting me off! 

Really can't decide at all.  I'll have to try them both on again tonight and make up my mind so I'm not panicking at the last minute! Also, to make sure I've all my accessories organised and looked out.

Anyone have any words of wisdom and advice??


  1. The maxi dress sounds nice, and I def recommend Spanx as my Bridget Jones Knickers of Choice. For the smaller budget, Sainsbury's do some good ones at a fraction of the price.

    Re the job front, I know how disheartening it can be to have rejection after rejection but there is a job out there with your name on it, you just haven't found it yet! Just hang in there. Have you thought about setting yourself up as a business? Princes Trust do lots of start up grants.

  2. Thanks Kerry - I've actually just applied for a paid position at the Princes Trust - if I don't get that I might ask for a grant. Though to be honest I don't even know what I'd do with it!!

  3. if you need any of your dresses altered to fit you better you know who to ask!!! x

  4. Ahh I might take you up on that! :)

  5. spanx! they are good. listen to your mother!!