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Saturday, 5 February 2011

When In doubt, Wear a Cape

This is my new motto, to go along with the one I already have:  When in doubt, wear a hat.

I took my lush, green yaks'-wool shawl (bought a few years ago in the Himalayan market in Byres Road) to Tenerife and wore it almost every night.  It's so cosy and soft and warm, that it was perfect for slinging on over everything. (Except, as I discovered, a mini-skirt.  The furry gillet came into play that night.) 

Wrapped round the shoulders and fastened with a glittery brooch to keep it in place et voila!  No need for any hassle or fuss.  Warm, elegant, stylish and cosy.  Yes, the multi-tasking shawl is everything you need, and want, in a cover-up. 

For Scottish-winter use, I recommend wearing it over a couple of layers: vest top, jumper etc, and you can even stick a wee scarf round your neck if you'll be feeling the chill.  Go for a small, discreet scarf though, because if you wear anything long/woolly/brightly coloured you'll end up being all scarfy-fringey-action and look like you're channelling the Mental Boho Look.  And not in a good way.

If you're lucky enough to have a turban as wonderful as mine, you might as well stick that on with it, too.

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