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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine

I recently read a magazine article about women who had friends much older or younger than themselves.  One of the younger women said that the only thing that annoyed her about her older friend was the fact that she always wore a classic pearl necklace when they went out.  According to the younger woman, pearls are dated and old-fashioned. 

It was at this point that I decided the younger woman was a fool.

I love pearls, and I have about 4 strands that I wear all the time.  Some of them are real and some are plastic, but I mix them up and wear them together.  So, imagine my delight when, as I mentioned before, I found a stall in the Tenerife Sunday market selling lovely sets of fresh-water pearls.  They had pink, and white-ish ones, and they came in different lengths of necklace, as well as earrings and bracelets.  I zoned in on the medium length necklaces and came away with a lovely pink strand. 

I think pearls, like diamonds maybe, are classic and go with anything.  They don't look old-fashioned unless the rest of your outfit looks old-fashioned, and they go with pretty much anything and anyone.

Here are a couple of pics of my new strand, Thanks Mr Oyster.

For those of you sharp enough to spot it, I'm also wearing the new Lancome Colour Fever Shine lipstick.
I also picked up a cool thing that you can probably buy over here too, but which I've only ever seen in Spain.  It's just a hair clip, but it's so handy and is great if you've got mid-length/short hair like me.  Only in the last couple of weeks has my hair been long enough to tie back, and without the use of hairbands and kirby grips I always got big strands coming loose at the bottom. 
 Well, not any more! This thing (according to Google, it's called a 'banana clip') gets all my hair at once, gives me a januty pony-tail at the back, and a slight bit of height at the front, as if I'd done my hair in a chignon.

AND, it only cost about £2. Genius!

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