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Friday, 4 February 2011

Back To Reality

That's us back in Glasgow now, after an all-too-short holiday, and I actually cannot believe the weather!  We arrived in Prestwick to gale force winds and rain, and when we got home we realised that the garden fence had been blown down!

Had a long lie today and then went to the gym and did a punishing 70 mins of cardio, plus some weights and my TA arms routine.  Feel it!  Came home (soaked to the bone, thanks rain) and made a pot of soup.  So hopefully that's lunch for the next week sorted!

I got some nice new things in Tenerife: a Lancome Colour Fever Shine lipstick, in a lush nude/apricot shade; a leopard-print mini dress, which has already catapulted it's way to the Favourite Dresses list; a set of pink toned fresh water pearls, and a snazzy purple bikini. (Looked good, didn't hold up so well when swimming.  Nearly had to dive to the pool floor to retrieve my pants...Luckily I have fast reflexes and I caught them about knee-height.)  I'll post some pics once I've got them onto my laptop.

I've decided that taking your laptop on holiday is just not worth it.  Not only is it heavy, and you have to take it out at airport security (and then get a huge electric shock when you pick it up on it's way out the X-Ray machine!), but I only used it for 10 mins each morning for my arm exercises, and then 1 hour of overpriced Internet surfing.  Never again.

Can't say I'm thrilled to be back.  When I was over there I started to really miss being in Valencia, probably more than I've missed it since I moved back to Glasgow.  And I'm finding it quite hard to shake that feeling at the moment.  Crap weather and unemployment don't help, but I know if I did go back to Spain (and I'm making no plans to in the near future) there would be loads of things I'd miss from here, too.

I think it's just easy to stick on the ol' rose-tinted specs and forget about all the crap stuff that was mixed in with the good.  And, to be honest, if you were to weigh it all up, you might even say the bad outweighed the good, at least in the first year I was there.  So, must focus on enjoying being back here!

Really looking forward to the yoga classes I've signed up to with KM.  Not sure when they start, but I think you can go from next week onwards, and take the block of ten anytime you like over the next year.  So, maybe we'll make it once a week or something.

Speaking of KM, I saw something advertised in a magazine this week that I'm going to get for her birthday.  Annoyingly, I can't say what it is, in case she reads this, but after her birthday I'll post something about it, I'm sure most of you will appreciate it!

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