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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sit And Knit A Bit

There's a project going on as part of International Women's Day - the idea is to create a huge knitted blanket of 1,000,000 stitches, to represent the same number of 'invisible' women in the world today: women subjected to abuse, prostitution, trafficking, poverty, etc. 
In order to make this possible, the blanket is to be made out of knitted squares of 6 x 6" (15cm), which will then all be sewn together.

So far the blanket is big enough to stretch across the River Clyde in Glasgow, which is a huge achievement, but still only 5% (I think) of what is needed.

I think you can see where this is going... if you can knit, or crochet, please get your needles and yarn dusted off and knit a wee square.  I'm not the fasted of knitters and I'm almost halfway through one I started a couple of hours ago.  So, you see - it's easy, and every little helps!

If you'd like more info please comment here, once you've done the square(s) you can send them to me or straight to the organisers:

Jenson and Jannson
25 Albert Rd
G41 2PE

Any colour or pattern is fine, and squares abroad are more than welcome though they should be in by the 1st March.

If you need any tips on knitting and getting started, I find this woman's blog very helpful, specifically the section on knitting techniques.  This includes quick, easy-to-follow videos on long-tail casting on, basic knitting and casting off.

I hope you can help, or pass this on to anyone else who like to knit!
Every square, and stitch, counts!

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