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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


No, not the crazy '70s musical... my hair.

It's getting quite long (well, by 'long' I mean I can tie it up now) and, true to form, I'm starting to get sick of it.  I always go through the same pattern when it comes to my hair:  I have it cropped short for ages, and I really like it.  Then, one time I leave it longer between hair-cuts and I start to think that maybe I should just let it grow.  So I wait and wait, I get through the really annoying stage where it's long enough to hang in my face but not long enough to tie back and then one day *huzzah* I realise that it's finally long enough to put in a pony-tail, or a mini-bun, or a hair clip... the happy day has arrived!  But then... it starts to annoy me.  It's always tied back, really (so what's the point in having it longer?), it takes more effort when you wash it, I spend a fortune in bobbles cause I always loose them... and then, the final nail in the hair coffin is seeing pics of other people with lovely short hair. 

Victoria Beckham

 Last time (in Valencia) it was Victoria Beckham...

This time, it's Emma Watson.

Emma Watson

(Please note, I'm only looking at the hair here, I am aware that Emma Watson is a good 5 years younger than me!)

Anyway, don't know what to do with my hair yet, I'll see how it goes...

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