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Thursday, 24 February 2011

My wonderful friend KH

...just got a new job, so hearty congrats going her way.  Sounds like a much better job plus a humongous (how do you spell that?  Is it possible to mis-spell a word that doesn't actually exist?) pay-rise and more holidays.  KH always provides a couch for me to crash on when I go to London, and she also does a great line in tanking bottles of red wine and then marching (drunkenly) out without paying for them.  What more can you ask for in a best friend, than someone who also loses to track of what you've paid for already and what you haven't?

Anyway, I'm very chuffed for her, and whenever I hear success stories like this I start thinking again about post-grads, masters, second degrees etc etc etc.  Can't say the current climate really does much fr the confidence but even so.  Case in point is Glasgow Uni who are currently in the process of savagely obliterating their language departments in order to spend millions on new computer systems and encourage higher-fee-paying oversees students to do business courses.  On the cut list are:  Russian, Polish, Czech, Portuguese and Catalan.  These are all the kind of more unusual languages which are taught in very few unis across the UK so they actually attract students, and cutting them makes no sense at all.  It's all just going down the tubes.

Day off tomorrow, and I'm meeting my Auntie C for a coffee and then I think I'll go to the west end and buy the dress from the shop (not hanging about though!) and then see if I can get an appointment to get my hair cut.  I think I'm going to leave the length but get a chunky fringe cut in.  I had one a couple of years ago in Valencia and I saw a pic of myself recently and remembered that I quite liked it!

I have a voucher to get £10 off a haircut, plus another fiver if you book online, so it'll come out at about £18, which is pretty good.

Oh, for anyone who's interested, Waterstone's have a deal on modern day Penguin Classics at the moment.  Books of short stories are £3 each and 3 for the price of 2.  They had Virginia Woolf, Camus, Kipling, Hans Fallada, and loads more so worth popping in if you're looking for something to read! 

I also got an amazing voucher deal for the Body Shop last night - buying the £12 voucher gets you £30 to spend in store.  Think I'll stock up on some moisturisers and things that are normally too pricey for me!  The wondrous Beauty blogger RJ hooked me up with this one.  I'd highly recommend her blog for all sorts of barginous make-up stuffs!

Oh yeah, I also have to make some cake and biscuits for the Glasgow Feminist Network meeting on Saturday.  There's an awesome blogger called The Caked Crusader, and it was her Bakewell tart recipe that I found, and it's always a big hit, so I think I'll make that again and maybe one other cake, I'll have a look on her  page and see what else she can recommend that looks easy and doesn't need any weird ingredients!

Aahhh, cake.  There's something very satisfying about baking.  When it goes well.  When it looks like it's going wrong it's quite stressful, but I've loads of time to do it tomorrow so I'm sure they'll turn out fine and tasty!


  1. aw shucks thanks man, yayy so glad you got the body shop deal, I cannot wait to go spend :) also you look fierce in that snap, I love the fringe. I can imagine its the rainbow room voucher you have? I have them in my purse too- I love it there xxx

  2. yeah it is, but the only thing is that it's meant to be for people who've never been to the salon before... and I've been quite a few times and I'm scared they'll recognise me! Hmmm, not sure if I should chance it or not. Maybe I'll just go for a standby!

  3. Oh, now you've made me want cake! Just hearing the word is enough to make you want some, right?

  4. Aw I loved your hair like that! I think you should go for the fringe. Are they the leggings I gave you in that pic? Nobody rocks a pair of sparkly leggings quite like you! ;) maags xxx