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Monday, 7 February 2011

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

I'm wearing my new leopard print dress today so I thought I might as well take a pic to post while I had it on!  It's uber comfy and soft, and it doesn't seem to crease much which is always a bonus!  Obviously I'm wearing it with thick black tights but in summer (or winter in Tenerife!)  it's nice without anything on the legs, too.  You can wear it more clinched in with a proper belt, or hanging loose with nothing round the waist at all.  I'm just wearing the little black ribbon that came with it here.

FYI: these are my super-cosy bargin tights from Dunnes stores.  They're wool tights and they're as comfy and warm as a pair of cotton leggings and keep their shape more than any Primark leggings I've ever tried.  Though not, it has to be said, as well as my £12 BHS leggings which are the best I have ever come across. 

There, you see!  2 leg warming handy hints in one short post.
Don't same I'm not good to y'all.

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