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Monday, 7 February 2011


This month's Glamour magazine has 20% off Nails Inc, bringing the nail polishes down to £9.20.  I love this metallic red "Aspen."

There's also 20% off at Whistles (I think it's Whistles) and a new competition where they're giving away £500 every month! 

I must admit, I've found the last few months of Glamour a tad disappointing, but this month's edition is jam packed and I'm back to loving it.

Go forth, readers, and spend money I don't have.  If anyone buys the nail polish, can I borrow it?


  1. I am so fed up with Glamour too - I never buy it now! However, with the nails inc discount I might this month.. Went into Whistles yesterday and saw a couple of things too.. Why does it always seem acceptable to buy something that has a slight discount but still costs more than you would normally spend?!

  2. That's how the suck you in! Same with Boots' 3 for 2 offers. You go in to get some toothpaste and come out half an hour later with 3 kinds of mouthwash you never even needed!

    I like Glamour this month, btw. Better than the last few offerings. x