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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Fantasy shopping

Here's a good way to pass the time, and indulge your clothes fantasies: fantasy online shopping!  As long as you don't hit the wrong button and accidentally buy something, it's a safe, guilt-free way of getting your fashion fix!

As I might have mentioned, MM is having a cocktail party on Friday night, and we're all wearing fancy dresses and getting all 'dolled up', to borrow a phrase from my mum.  Now, I already have a dress to wear, but I decided to have a look about online and see what I would buy, if I had all the money I wanted!

First stop is a boutique called Vivien Of Holloway and seems to specialise in retro-style dresses.  There are some lovely 1950-esque halternecks, in all sorts of colours and prints.  One that caught my eye was this red one (red - what a surprise!) Unfortunately, I can't seem to load a picture of it here, but if you want to check it out, follow this link.

Now for some pics!

Dolly Dagger

I like this one, in a similar style, from a shop called Dolly Dagger .  Like I said, in fantasy land money would be no object, and it's just as well, because this dress comes in at an eye-watering £152.  This shop does a nice range in accessories, though, and has things like buttons and badges from £4; hair clips; bags; purses, etc from £10 up to about £70.  This bag here also caught my eye

Dolly Dagger
and it comes in at £69.

Dolly Dagger also does some cute cherry print napkins and table-clothes, coasters, apple-shaped chopping boards and lots of other kitchsy items, nice for gifts though not so good for cocktail parties.  So, moving on...

Candy Says

... To Candy Says, and first up is this simple black number with a lovely pearl collar.  This one is £42, and is floor-length with a split up the left thigh, and panelling in the wasit.  So a bit Audrey Hepburn-wears-Victoria Beckham, then? 

Whilst Dolly Dagger does retro-style dresses, Candy Says seems to be authentic vintage, which means that you might not get something you like in your size.  I think more careful hunting would be needed if you were to buy from Candy Says, though from what I can see, the prices are pretty reasonable. 

This 1960s lurex monochrome maxi also caught my eye.  It might be quite hard to style, because any other detailed accessories or shoes would swamp the look and could leave you looking a bit frumpy, but I think with a pair of pointy black stilettoes it'd be a killer!  Don't forget some nice smokey eyes to go with it, mind!

Closer to home, I found this multi-coloured sequined dress from We Love To Boogie in Glasgow.  I'm not usually a fan of structured dresses, or any dress with an uneven hem-line, but I do like this one which manages to combine being red and multi-coloured, plus it's beaded!  What more can you ask for in dress?  I like the uneven hem on this cause it's the same as the beaded pattern, and I love this over-the-knee length: not a mini, but still with a nice flash of pin.  For S/S this year, I hope to be mainly wearing mid-length skirts:  just above the knee, or the 'midi', which falls half-way down the shin.  Being a smout, I'll be teaming these with heels, of course!

Well, that's passed a nice couple of hours for me, and now the laptop is running out of juice, so I think I'll end it here.  Very much looking forward to MM's party, good cocktail-drinking, fancy dress-wearing times!

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  1. Omg, the lurex maxi dress is mine! So fun to come across a vintage find on the web which I actually bought :-)