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Sunday, 27 February 2011

I Am Not A Morning Person

I woke up the morning about 9am, switched on my phone and had, wait for it, nine missed calls from my boss, plus a text asking me to work today at the last minute.  Just as well that I usually switch my phone off when I go to bed because, as anyone who's ever seen me first thing will know, I am not a morning person!!  Also, he rang Ross in my work at 5am to ask for my number, I would have been less than impressed with a call at that time, and would have probably said I couldn't work out of sheer grumpiness!

Let that be a lesson to you all:  any calls before, say, 10 am and/or two cups of coffee will not be kindly met, assuming I even answer.  Text messages all the way, please.

Anyway, I did end up working and it was quite busy, so it passed fast.  I might be doing a volunteering project with the YWCA and then meeting Hannah to get her knitted squares off her.  I've also some stuff to do for the Glasgow Feminist Network: I volunteered to write up the minutes of the last meeting so I'll get cracking on that.

The meeting went well, we got quite a lot organised, including a day in the Glasgow Women's Library to celebrate International Women's Day (8th March) plus a vigil in George Square to protest and draw attention to the latest (in a long line) rapes that have recently taken place.  Hopefully we'll get a good turn out and we might have guest speakers from Rape Crisis Scotland.  Hopefully get a bit of press coverage, too.

All this stuff has relit my feminist fire and I'm (again) looking into postgrad degrees in Women's Studies.  There are actually about 8 unis in the UK which offer this course, so I just need to get all the details of each one and decide which looks best.  And make sure it's not in a crap place, too!  I'd love to do it in London, but who the hell can afford to be a student in London?  You'd have to work full-time as well just to be able to afford to live!  Anyone got any uni recommendations?

My neck is killing me from steaming a pile of clothes today, I think I need to work on my technique!  I'm off for a cuppa.

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