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Monday, 28 February 2011

Bare Minerals

Definitely not a fan.

I got a 'starter kit' of Bare Minerals makeup the other day from an auntie who didn't want it, and I thought I'd give it a go tonight.  I had high hopes for this stuff, after all the hype and promotion I've heard for it.  Unfortunately I've been disappointed in almost every respect.

First of all, I tried the SPF foundation.  The box set came with 2 tones of foundation, and I chose the lighter one, "medium tan," which was still at least one shade too dark for me.  In the set there was also "tan" SPF foundation, and "warmth" all over face colour.  

I followed the instructions, "Buff-swirl-tap" and all that, and then buffed it onto my face.  It provided almost no coverage whatsoever.  I then decided to try the "tinted mineral veil", which I took to be a setting all-over face powder.  I buffed that on my other cheek and didn't really like it either.  Again, no coverage at all, though this colour was paler and better suited to my skin-tone, at least.

Unconvinced either way, I decided to take all my make-up off, put on my foundation as normal and then see how the Bare Minerals coped as a translucent powder on top of my normal face.  I thought this might be quite good as it might provide a nice, softening touch to my usual base, but once again I was disappointed. 

Rather than set and finish off my foundation, the excessive buffing action required to make these powders blend only succeeded in buffing off my foundation and concealer.  I usually use a tinted moisturiser over my whole face, then my Dermablend foundation where I need it, such as on my cheeks and chin where I have blemishes. This gives me good coverage where I need it but leaves enough unblemished skin uncovered to give the impression that I'm not wearing much make-up.  I then finish off with my matching Dermablend concealer in a couple of places. 

Well, by the time I'd put the Bare Minerals stuff on top, all my concealer was gone, which brings me back to the problem of no coverage.  So, I'm thinking that Bare Minerals provides a) no cover whatsoever on its own and b) no cover when used on top of your foundation because it eliminates half of what you've just put on.

Not only that, but although the Bare Minerals promises to be uber light, I find it annoyingly powdery.  It looks like you've powdered yourself up and it feels horrible.  I've kept it on for about half an hour now, and I feel like I have a layer of talc on my skin. 

I can feel the powder sitting on top of the rest of my base, and that, in turn, makes me feel like I'm plastered in make-up, which is not a feeling I enjoy.  When I frown or smile, I feel as though it'll be creasing on my forehead, and I have an overwhelming compulsion to rub it in with my hands.  What I actually want, of course, is just to get it off.  I'm going to go and wash my face...

There.  Now I've washed my face, splashed it with cold water, and put on some serum for good measure, I feel much better, and lighter.  I honestly can't remember the last time I took such an instant dislike to a product.  Usually I can think of at least one good thing, or alternative use for things I'm not keen on but I'm drawing a bit of a blank just now, I must admit.

One thing I will say is that the brushes that came with the set are lovely.  Full heads of lovely soft bristles, and nice chunky handles - I'll keep them to add my other brushes, though I'll be using them for my own makeup from now on.

I suppose if you had nice clear skin already then maybe the very low-coverage of the Bare Minerals wouldn't be such an issue, but then I think there's little point in having a foundation that's only good for people who already have good skin in the first place, particularly with the heavy powdered-effect of these products. If you have lovely skin, show it off, don't cake it in powder!

At first I thought that the paler shade of foundation would be good in summer to buff on over my foundation which may be a bit pale once I've got more of a tan, but now I don't think I'd like to have all that stuff on my face in the heat, plus, I dread to think what happens to the powder once you start sweating.

All in all, it's a very bad review and an unequivocal thumbs down from me, Bare Minerals.  I would not recommend this product to anyone, and I certainly won't be using it on myself again.  Even the nice light-reflecting sheen I thought the foundation gave me on my cheekbones turned out to be my Benefit High Beam highlighter shining through.  At least there are some things you can rely on...

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  1. I love bare mienrals yup love love, its defo a good coverage once you get used to, you need a good colour match thought. Enkore ( fab you tube make up man) has really not great skin and his tutorials with it are ace. Is it the Matt set you have? or the normal?

    I would imagine Tan is def too dark for your colouring? ( not after that summer tan you build up though!) ALSO- WE have your shoe, did Lou tell you she thinks you are our cinderella!xxx