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Monday, 14 February 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Poor Elizabeth Taylor is back in hospital, with congestive heart failure, apparently.  I think she's been in all weekend, but I only found out today.  I've never seen any of her films all the way through, but I think I might buy a couple, cause I've started to get really interested in her!  She's on my Twitter (it's almost like we're friends...) and I might get a copy of her biography - should make for some interesting reading, anyway!  2 Oscars, 8 marriages to 7 men... the jewels! The yachts!  The turbans!

Yeah, I think I'll order a copy from Amazon and then I'll have something to read when I finish The Help.  I'm really enjoying that, BTW, I'd recommend it to anyone, and I can lend out my copy once I'm done if you fancy reading it.  I think I'll go and stick on my electric blanket, and snuggle down to read some more. 

Night-time equation:  electric blanket + new mattress + good book = awesome bed times.

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