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Friday, 18 February 2011

Happy Friday

Woo, yesterday I had 352 views on my blog - this is the power of attaching your link to 'celebs' on Twitter!

Anyway, hope a few people will sign up and do some knitting for me!  I'm almost finished my first square.  I'll try and get another couple done over the weekend, too.  Problem is, I keep getting better offers!

Today I went down to Silverburn with ED and did a bit of shopping.  It's quite good down there because, obviously, everything is all under one roof, but the shop selection is nowhere near as good as in the town, which is annoying.  Still, we gave it our best shot and ED got a nice tshirt with Swedish writing on it.  I didn't get any clothes but did find a new lip pen, which (I think) is quite similar to the Inglot one I wanted, but can't get cause the only Ingelot store in the UK is in London.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint
This is the one I got.  The photo doesn't do it justice because the actual colour of the one I got (number 06, Royal Plum) is a lovely dark, but vibrant, blue-based red colour which, you might have noticed, is my fave.  I know I already have lipsticks galore in this colour, but the reason I like this is because it's like a felt-tip pen, and you can put it on quite lightly, or really work it into the lips and it'll give you all the pigment of a lipstick, but appear much more matte and less 'put on.' 

Well, that's what I've decided it'll do - I'll let you know once I've tried it out properly for the first time! 

I tried on a bright blue mascara in The Body Shop too, which was cool but just doesn't really show up on my uber dark eyelashes.  I've seen this colour look amazing on other people, and it really does brighten up their eyes, but on me you don't get the full effect because you have be right up close to see the shade.
I'm trying to convince ED to buy a primer, to smooth and even out his skin.  He won't wear makeup, which is fair enough, but some of the skin brightening anti-redness primers would be quite good, I think.  I like the Clinique one, which is obviously quite popular, and we tried on a L'oreal one today but it was far too green and not nearly sheer enough.  The last thing he wants is one that actually looks like a foundation/base, so it needs to be something that will brighten the skin without leaving any trace behind.  I'm considering it a personal mission to find the perfect one for him!

Quite pleased with my outfit today - my nice new black top with the subtle sparklies on the top half, which goes very nicely over my black stretchy H&M mini dress, and my fresh-water pearls to brighten it up.  And, of course, my turban.  I've started to embrace bad-hair days, so I can stick my turban over the top!  Instant hair coverage, instant glamour.  Fab.

We also popped into Wagamama again for some dinner, and spent a very nice time checking out the hot waiter.  And enjoying the food, of course...

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