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Sunday, 6 February 2011


I've just read some article online (one of those things that pop up on MSN) about Natalie Portman, and how many people have said her engagement ring is 'too big'.  So I hopped off to Google to have a good look, and here it is, number 1... 

Natalie P

Obviously there's no denying that is a serious piece of rock, but I don't think it's bad at all!  Anyone who says N.P.'s ring is too big is probably jealous and should just keep their mouth shut!  She's not even a Bling-y, star-studded kind of person, so I think her ring is perfectly nice, and only wish I could afford one similar for myself.

Anyway, I've seen much worse, like Cheryle Cole's yellow diamond (number 2) which, frankly, I think is hideous. 

Cheryl C

Actually, seeing as I'm on the subject of rings, here's one that I really love, courtesy of Lisa Eldridge (number 3).  You can kind of see it in this pic, but for a better look watch one of her videos on her website.  Like this one, for example. 

Lisa E. My fave.

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