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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Here Come The Freckles

Tuesday 1st February

Today, the sun was beating down… but in fierce competition with the clouds. When there were no clouds about it was really warm, but as soon as some big cloud floated in the way, it got a bit cold and windy. So I persevered and got a sun bed down by the pool and caught some rays. Think I’ve got a bit of a tan, my arm freckles are making an appearance, that’s how I know!  The clouds have won, though, so now I’m back in the flat, and at a slight loose end cause my mum and my granny are away for a snooze.

I think I might head down the road to a lovely wee café where they have WIFI and surf the web. You can access it from here, but the complex charges you something ridiculous like 4€/hour for the privilege. Much better to go to a café and have a beer or something and use their WIFI.  Only problem is, there's this old guy who works there who hits on me every time we go.  He started out pretending he was just joking around and quickly slid down the slope to downright sleazy.  This is him: bad times, I think you'll agree.

Yesterday was nice, we went out for dinner to this place that my granny’s been going to for years. The guy who owns it always chats away to her and is dead friendly. Only problem is, my granny doesn’t understand a word he says! He speaks English, but very fast and with quite a strong accent. Good food, and wine though, so it’s all ood. Anyway, as soon as he found out I speak Spanish he dinghied my mum and granny, and chatted away to me. He was telling me about some girlfriend he had, back in the day, from Valencia.

Then, me and my mum went to this plush hotel up the road from the flat (my granny was too tired to go) and we sat in their bar/lobby and had a drink. Well, I had wine and my mum just went for a Coke. By all rights, I should’ve had a killer headache this morning but instead I woke up early, feeling very refreshed (finally figured out the best couch to sleep on; my mum says I’m like the Princess and the Pea, but I like my comfort!) and popped up to the supermarket.

We just had a late lunch, so I think we’ll be going out later for dinner tonight. In the meantime, I might crack on and do my exercises, which I’ve been quite good at keeping up here, though we were interrupted yesterday by my granny’s booking agent people coming round to give her money and an update. Never mind. The killer arms will still be mine, I have the faith!

Tomorrow is our last full day, alas, and then it’ll be back to the wind and the rain. Bums.

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