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Sunday, 13 February 2011

The '70s Are Back.

...Again.  Except this time they're really back.  This can mean several things for S/S 2011. 

Emilio Pucci. 
Sponsored by Colman's.

1)  Camel and mustard items will probably be re-appearing on the high-street.  Be warned:  utmost care is required when plumping for 'mustard', as one wrong jacket/skirt/dress can leave you looking... well, like a jar of Colman's.  Unfortunately, 'mustard' is the colour that most resembles the food it was actually named for. 

(For a slightly safer bet, you could go for the easier shade of 'camel'.  I've yet to see someone in a camel jacket that actually looked like a camel.)

Chanel Resort
2011 Collection

2)  Maxi dresses will be resurfacing.  Done well, they look like this, as at Chanel's S/S show in St Tropez.  The 'catwalk' is a promenade, the models arrived by speedboat, and no-one looks like a parachute their maxi dress.

Shoes in hand, neon toe-nails, floaty flowery goodness and wind-ruffled hair.  Like I said, that's when it's done well.  When it's done badly... think back to walking down Buchanan Street the year maxi dresses really hit the high street. 

There's plenty more of that to come this year. Sorry.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011
3)  Big hats are where it's at.  Forget trilbies, cloches, pork pie hats and *gasp* turbans (Never!), this summer is all about the floppy, wide-brimmed hat.  If you've a wedding to go in summer, remember: more is more, and a big hat can never be too big.  I have a black floppy hat that was a late Xmas present from the ever-styletastic KM, so now is the summer it comes into it's own!

Christopher Kane
Spring 2011

4)  The times of neutrals and nudes has run it's course, and - from one extreme to another - we've moved onto neons.  If you're not brave enough (stupid enough?) to try a full outfit of neon, this one is easily done by painting your nails a fluoro colour, or by choosing bags, belts, and tights that give it a fashion-savvy nod without looking like this (right).  A look that was Christened 'Princess Margaret on acid', by the designer. 

Enough said.

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