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Monday, 14 February 2011

In Yo' Face!

 Tried out my new foundation tonight before meeting ED in the town for a bit of dinner, and I love it.  It's Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation, and it's everything I want in a foundation! 

I'm a huge fan of Lisa Eldridge and her make-up videos, and she recommended this foundation and concealer.  I've had the concealer for a few months, and was quite pleased with it, and yesterday I went out and bought the matching foundation.  I think the Dermablend stuff used to be a bit of a niche market and was used for covering scar tissue, etc, but now they've teamed up with Vichy and created this makeup line which is affordable (£14.50 for the concealer; £18 for the stick foundation) and gives amazing coverage.  If you're prone to bad outbreaks, like me, this could be your new best friend.

You only need a tiny amount (and I mean tiny - I think I used more toothpaste to brush my teeth, than foundation to cover my whole face), it blends well and still manges to give a sheer 'no make-up' look.  In fact, one of the things it advertises is great coverage without a mask effect, and I am happy to say that it's true!

Anyhoo, working tomo so I should hit the hay now.  Had a very nice dinner with ED... we went to Wagamama and I had lime, chili and coriander curried rice with prawns, and some duck gyoza, which is my all time fave.  Then we had a few drinks and taxied it home.  Hampden taxis are so much better than black wcabs, fyi, about a third of the price, quick to show up, and they send you a text with the taxi's license plate and car colour before it arrives, so you know you 're not getting into anything dodgy!

Right.  Wash face, then bed. Sweet dreams, peeps!

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