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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A very nice Wednesday

I've had a very nice Wednesday, today.  I met FD in the town and we successfully made it to Uddingston, thanks to the SatNav, in the voice of Billy Connolly.  "You have reached your destination.  You may thank me, and remember, without me this wouldn't have been possible, you would have been hopelessly lost."

So we had a lovely lunch courtesy of Mrs M and then a nice long chat afterwards.  And LH managed to get out after narrowly missing a lift (oops) so it was all good.  MM gave me a beautiful necklace for my birthday, which I love, and which has my granny's approval.  So it doesn't get much better than that.

Then this evening I went to the cinema with my mum and my granny.  We saw The King's Speech, which is a granny-perfect film.  I really enjoyed it and parts of it were funny, too.  At the very start, you see a man gargling some water and then spitting it back into a cup - well, my granny watched that and then announced, "Oh charming!" at the top of her voice.  Say it like it is, granny.

She loved the film though, and I think she had a really good night, so I'm very pleased.  I asked her if she remembered when WW2 was declared and she did.  She was 12 and rest of her family were at church, but she'd been earlier in the morning, so she was alone in the house and standing at the sink peeling potatoes, when the announcement came on the news.  Apparently she doesn't remember much about the rest of the war, except that if there was an air raid they didn't have to go to school the next morning til 10:00...  So they all used to sit at night hoping for an air raid!

Once, when she was still living in Linlithgow, where she grew up, the Duke of York (or maybe he was the King by that point) and his wife Elizabeth were there for something or other.  So my granny's mum took her down to the main street to see them go by in their car and all my granny really remembers is getting a look at the King (or whatever he was) and seeing that he was caked in makeup!  Oh, and another time some royals were going to Princes Street gardens for some kind of garden party thing.  So my papa got tix for him and my granny to go, and my granny - despite my papa's insistence - refused to wear a hat.  They had seats right down the front, and someone came out and picked a handful of people to go and meet Prince Phillip for a chat and some Pimms (OK, I made up the Pimms bit, but I like to imagine that's what would happen at a royal garden party) and they paused by my granny... then passed her by.  And my papa was convinced it was cause she wasn't wearing a hat, and he was mad.  Though my granny, "didn't care one way or another."

Hmmm, possibly these stories are a bit boring for everyone else, but I enjoy hearing them, and I like to write them down if I remember, so I can read back over it at some point.  If I remembered more, I'd bombard her with questions about all sorts of stuff, but usually the convo doesn't really get around to it.

Oh, speaking of getting around to something, I did quite a lot of work on my job application this morning, and then KH had a look at it and sent back some suggestions for changed, and I think ED is doing the same tomorrow, so then I'll do the final draft tomorrow and sent it in.  Awesome.

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