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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 'Send'

Yes, after checking it over a hundred times, rewriting bits, changing the font, rechanging the font, sending it out to people for advice and generally fretting about it for a week or so, the application to Woman Kind has finally been sent.  And now, I feel a bit sick.  I think because now it's away there's nothing more I can do about it.  And I'm also aware that if I don't even get called for an interview for this one I will be GUTTED because I spent so long doing the application.

Anyway, time to stop thinking about it.  I happily sent it away at 4 pm which is my lucky number, and... oh, I said I'd stop.  OK.

Oh yeah, I'm going through to Edinburgh tonight to see the ballet (Prokofief's Cinderella)with Frances and I've decided to wear my sparkly cape.  At first I thought it might be a bit overdressed, but then I though, no matter when you wear a sparkly black floaty cape it'll be in yo' face, so I might as well wear it tonight.  Still undecided about wearing my wee red shoes too.  We'll see. Might be the best option anyway because I can't ruin my outfit with my purple wellies (anyway it's not raining) and my black boots have a small hole in the sole and need to be fixed.  Though I could get away with one more wear, the hole really only matters it it's raining.  Ah who knows.  I have about an hour til I have to leave and I'm all dressed, makeup is on, application has been sent so I've time to dither about my shoes before catching the horror of the rush-hour train to Edinburgh.

Man alive, I havde so much tension in my neck and shoulders, too much stress doing this application form, I really hope it's worth it.  Think I'll go and chillax with a quick cup of coffee and get my bag ready.

Hope you've all had a nice Thursday!  It's beer Thursday - stop reading this and go for a pint with some chums... You have my full permission. xx

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