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Monday, 10 January 2011

"Oh the shark has pearly teeth, dear / and he shows 'em pearly white..."

Just a polish at the dentist then, and then into my granny's on the way home to have some tea and cake, good times.  It's quite good hanging out with my granny, though sometimes she does tell you a story you've heard a million times before.  Like when I was wee and on holiday with her and my parents, she told me to hold her hand in case 'someone ran away with her.' Well, apparently I spun around and said, top of my voice, "Er, granny, you're 64! Who's going to run away with you?!"  That one cracks her up every time.  True story.

Only prob is, I've only just got him and it's almost half five and I still haven't worked any more on my job form. AND I've to go back to the jobcentre tomorrow, so I'll need to fill out my 'jobseeking diary'.  Apparently tomorrow I've got an interview to assess my jobseeking and tell them how I'm getting on. So that's bound to be highly useful and full of worldly job-hunting insight. I don't think. Ho hum.  My hatred for the jobcentre really knows  bounds.

Got a new pair of shoes in the charity shop in Milngavie today. My mum bought them for me - £7, Topshop originally, and in pretty good condition. Oh, and red and shiny and a perfect fit! I will post a picture for your viewing pleasure later on.  Charity shops in posh areas are clearly the way to go.  Byres Road Oxfam trumps Victoria Road; Merchant City trumps Byres Road, but we have a new contestant, ladies and gentleman, straight in to the Number One slot... put your hands together for Bernardo's Milngavie!

Thank you, thank you very much.

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  1. I love a good charity shop sounds a good find, i will have to hit up Milngavie!