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Monday, 10 January 2011

This blog is dedicated to Emma Wade, from Valencia

...but actually from Yorkshire.  Which is what really cemented out friendship in the Irish pub where I worked: Tetley's beer.  Not to be confused with Tetley's tea, which I would not recommend drinking by the pint. For those of you who don't know, Tetley's is a very nice light ale, and may well be my favourite beer ever.  I've drank a lot of beer in my time, but I'm not scared to go out on a limb and say that Tetley's is my favourite.  Any promotional work that may come my way because of this will be happily accepted.

Anyhoo, this blog is dedicated to Em because I was chatting to her and she said she wanted a mention. So now she has not just a mention but her name is in the blog description - the bloggers equivalent of having your name up in lights in front of a theatre! Or it would be if I had more followers.

Not looking forward to the Jobcentre tomorrow, it's so depressing and smelly and dank in there and the guy who usually deals with me is nice-but-dim and essentially useless in my quest for work.  Tomorrow I've to get an interview to 'reassess' my jobhunting and to see if the jobcentre has been useful in helping me find work.  Frankly, I'm going to tell them the truth, that I find them distinctly unhelpful!  Constructive criticism and all that.

After that evil start to my Tuesday (oh yes, it's at 9:30 am, too, thanks Jobcentre) I might have orchestra practice tomorrow night - we're playing Moussoursky, whose name I can't spell but whose music I really like - and then on Weds me and FD are going to visit a certain MM out in the grand hometown of Tunnock's Tea Cakes.

Anyone else see that sitcom, Episodes, that was on tonight?  With the curly haired guy from Green Wing (I secretly quite fancy him. It's the luscious mop top) and Tamzin lady from Black Books?  It was quite funny acutally, though obvs not as good as Green Wing which was amaing.  Fact.  Got me through many a hard time when I should have been essay-writing at uni!

I want to buy the new nail polish from Barry M - the nail effects one, it looks really good! But just when I thought I was on to a good thing and could have some funky, original nail looks going on... I went to Boots to buy it and it was sold out. Guess I'm not the trail-blazing trendsetter I thought I was then.

Speaking of blazing trails of fashion, wtf would I wear (WILL I wear, positive thinking.) if (when.) I get an interview in London. Should I go uber professional and attempt some kind of a suit?  Or should I show my creative side and wear something smart with a SPLASH! of colour and originality?  I'm leaning more towards the latter - at least it might help them to remember me!  COuld wear my beauuuutiful Aurora Borealis beads and mesmerize them, like Ka from Jungle Book, until they offer me the job. Yes. That sounds like the best plan so far. A sure fire winner. How can it fail?

Ah 11 o'clock already and I just ate some chicken so now i'm full and not ready to go to bed.  A quick bed update, as I'm sure you're all on tenterhooks:  the new mattress is amazing.  I would like to sum up by saying that a memory foam mattress is like a hug in bed form.  You lie down, and it moulds to your body.  Bliss.

Buenas noches, faithful readers.

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