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Monday, 10 January 2011

It's really too early for this

You know you've been unemployed too long when getting up at 9:15 feels like 'early'.  I know it's not really that early but it feels worse because I'm off to the dentist.  It was meant to be my granny going but she doesn't want to go out in the snow and ice so her appointment is free, and my mum's going along anyway so I might as well take my granny's spot.  The problem being that my dentist is in Milngavie (my mum's cous, we get it fo' free!) which is a fair old hoof when you know that a polish and potentially drill, is waiting at the finishing like. Ho hum.  Still, better to have nice teeth than not I guess.

Thought I'd stick up a link to a pub I want to go to in (you guessed it) London. It's called the Hansom Cab and it's in Kensington, which by all accounts is quite posh.  Not really my scene, except that this particular posh pub happens to be owned by Piers Morgan and his stupidly named brother Rupert and is generally meant to be full of more celebs than you can shake a stick at.  Granted, that doesn't make it good, but worth a look anyway, I reckon.  Apparently they do a very nice ale, too.

And now, I've just realised I have 30 min to get ready and out the door and instead of frantically brushing the teeth, I'm blogging and talking crap. To the bathroom!

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  1. I was up for the dentist as well this morniong- and need to go back for a blimming filling £46 it will cost me for the pleasure gahhhhhhhhh

    hope yours went better than mine!