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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Oh my God, is that her ear?!

That's what someone on Law & Order just said when his wife's abductor sent her ear in with a ransom note.   And for some reason, this just cracked my mum up and she killed herself laughing.  Every now and then she just goes off again, it's really funny.

Yes please.

Erm, no thanks.
  Went to the gym tonight and got a good wee work out, looking forward to the day when I have amazo arms. I'm thinking Madonna circa 1990, rather than 2010.

Just started reading a new book called The Saffron Kitchen, and so far I'm totally loving it.  It's not very big though, so I'm going to need another one (or two) to take to Tenerife.  My mum left a book out there the last time she went, that one about Operation Mincemeat, so maybe I'll just read that.  And my granny always has a copy of Gone With The Wind out there, so that'd be a good opportunity to finally get around to reading that!  On the other hand, we're only going for 6 days which probably isn't enough time to read it all!
Tomorrow I'll definitely get around to packing, cause on Friday evening I've got some stupid family party thing to go to.  It's not even my family!  Oh, snore.  The only piece of hope I have is that my granny is coming with us so maybe we'll leave early.  I hope I hope I hope.
My mum has this random thing in her foot - all of a sudden she let out a yell and then said she couldn't move her toes or anything!  And her foot was all twisted and at a funny angle.  She said she could feel her foot but she just couldn't move it, it was so weird!  It was also really funny, once I realised that it didn't seem to be anything serious.  Hmm.  No idea what it was all about but it's happened twice already, so I hope it doesn't keep happening or she might do it on the plane!
Last night she made me set up a Twitter account for her, so she could follow Phillip Schofield and Eamonn Holmes.  Well, after all that she hasn't even used it yet.  Works for me, I'm dreading the bazillion questions that she'll hit me with as soon as she tries to get tweeting.
Now that I've done the setting-up bit, I might fob her off on my bro to help her out!
I am desperate to see Black Swan, but so far every time I try to arrange to see it with someone, I'm foiled!  Really want to see it before we go away, but now I don't know if I'll have time.  Maybe it's time to try out the old Pester Power technique.  You've all been warned!

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