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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Turban thief

Just got a voicemail from the lovely KM, who informed me that she'd just been into Topshop and seen my new turban on sale there for £12!  So, it looks like someone really did just accidentally leave their's in that Moroccan shop and the shopkeeper was an immoral bastard for making a quick profit on it!  Can't say I'm too bothered, to be honest - I'm actually more chuffed that I got it so cheap!  Does that make me a bad person?  I don't care.  The only other thing I've got like that is a white scarf I got in Granada, years ago when I was doing my Erasmus year.  I was in a cyber cafe and it was lying on the table next to mine.  I was there for over 2 hours an no-one came back to get it, so I took it.  Still have it, and still like it!

Went out for lunch with granny again today, we just went to the pub near my house, so I had a tasty bean burger and onion rings.  Tasty but smelly; much like the celebrated oysters!  I'm about half packed for Tenerife now so I reckon I'll just do the rest this evening.  Have to wash some undercrackers etc but other than that I'm ready to go.

Oh yeah, my trews from la Redoute arrived and they're very nice.  Quite silky, which I wasn't expecting (I thought they'd be cotton), but very comfy.  So I'll wear them on the plane with my granny's (now mine) leopard print gillet and my gold sequined ballet flats. Comfort personified! 

My gold shoes were also high on the bargin scale - when I was in Switzerland visiting JB we went down to Nice for the day, but we had a stand-by ticket for the plane (JB works for Swiss Air), and apparently they're quite strict about the dress code when they're letting you on the plane.  I was wearing flip-flops which are a no-no, so I jumped into a shoe shop in the airport (the day-trip to nice was a surprise, that's why I wasn't prepared) and got these lovely pale gold sequined shoes for about £15 francs. 

I can't remember what that works out as in pounds, but regardless, 15 francs is almost nothing in Switzerland.  To put it into perspective, a bottle of hair spray could easily be 6-7 francs, and I didn't see any other pairs of shoes at less than 30!  Anyway, they're uber comfy and lovely, and I've worn them almost to death.  These are the kind of shoes to get resoled in a cobblers, rather than admit defeat and ever throw them away!

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