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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Now that's a bit weird

Remember those nice trousers that I saw in La Redoute and linked in my last blog post?  Well, I just went on to Bebo (blast from the past) to cancel my profile cause I haven't used it in years...and at the side of my profile was an advert for... La Redoute, and the picture that was showing?  The trousers that I like.  Now that is a bit weird.  Maybe it's a sign... or maybe I'm just clutching at straws! 

Any excuse...


  1. it's because there was a cookie in your computer that means the advert willnow show in bebo, facebook, etcetc....very clever marketing...

  2. interesting....i have no idea why i'm called cuban kat on here!! must have done something tomy account a while ago... hmmm KH

  3. Damn, really? I thought it was some kind of a sign that I should buy them. Pssst: I might still buy them.

    I guess you must have set up some google account when you were fundraising for Cuba - is run by google?