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Saturday, 15 January 2011

I hate it when they do that!

Lush have stopped making my favourite face wash.  It was called Babyface and it was amazing. It always cleared my skin up whenever I had a breakout and it made it soft and glowy and very clean.  And now, I can't get it any more.  So, I've been checking the Lush website, but I don't really know what to get.  I don't want an exfoliating one because I have a separate exfoliator anyway, all I want is a nice, gentle cleanser that feels nice, smells nice (no liquorice, please) and will take off all my makeup.  Any suggestions? 

I guess it's going to have to be Aqua Marina or Angels on Bare Skin.  But, really, I am not at all happy about having to find a new one at all.  How could you do this to me Lush?  Hmph.  I might go in tomorrow and ask for samples of the two and give them a go and see which I prefer.  I bet they're not as good as Baby Face though.  How I'll miss your weird, squashy soapy face in my bathroom cabinet!

So, tonight is another CSI marathon night.  I really should get out and do more on my Saturday night, except that Sat nights don't feel special when you're unemployed and free every day anyway.  Also, the town does tend to be full of fuds on a Saturday night.

Now, I know that I am unemployed, and I really can't go shopping as much as I want, BUT... I really want a pair of wide legged trousers.  Problem being, a) I'm only 5' and I don't want to look as wide as I am tall and 2) I have to stop spending money.  Oh well, nice enough thought, I suppose.  I did a good bit of window shopping online.  (Windows shopping?)

I saw this nice pair for the rather lovely price of £15, but I don't think I'll be getting them.  Just nice to have a look though.  On the other hand, if I get a job anytime soon then I will go on a wide-legged-trouser spree!  Hurray!

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