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Sunday, 9 January 2011

London, calling...

Hello humble followers, and welcome back to my blog. Or just welcome seeing as no-one really read it in the first place. That'll have to change if I'm going to keep doing this.  So... quick update: I lost the job I hated, and have been unemployed since. On the plus side, I've done some stuff I wanted to do but couldn't, like volunteering for the Glasgow Woman's Library.  Also, I did a film course called Cinema Feminista which was quite good, and, of course, I looked for jobs. 

So far I've sent of tonnes of CVs and spent hours filling out job forms and have had a grand total of NO interviews.  But then something happened to make me have a rethink.  What happened, I hear you cry? 

I went to London, that's what. And even though I've been a few times before, when I was there this time, suddenly I just decided to start looking for work there.  I'd been kind of planning on heading there in a year or so, but the drought of jobs up here in Glasvegas made me fast forward and I decided there's no point staying here when there's nothing going. Also, and I know this sounds like I'm stating the obvious, but if I get a job in London, I'll be living in London.  Camden! Portobello Road Market! Celebritiesnon-celebritiesSouth BankSohoTheatre LandNoel Fielding!!

As soon as it was decided that I'd start looking in London I had a few strokes of luck. Found some very useful job sites, and then stumbled across my ideal job. More or less.

If you know me, and I'm assuming you do, otherwise why are you here?... you'll know I'm a big ole feminist, fighting the good fight for the sisterhood.  And this job that I found is working for Woman Kind [], a charity that works and campaigns for women's rights across the world. HELLO!

So the deadline is this Friday, I've been working on my application form all week and I will be GUTTED if I don't get at least an interview!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

All positive thoughts will be appreciated.  Some may be rewarded in beer.

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