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Monday, 10 January 2011

Beddy Bye Bye

In a very short, but nevertheless necessary, post... I am going to bed. Not just any bed though. Oh no, today I woke up, sick of my shite, sagging mattress, and dragged my mum and dad to the Bed Shed and got myself a new one. Putting the dole money to good use, innit.

I plumped for (get it?) one of those non-spring, latex, memory foam ones and I tried it out in every sleeping position I could think of in the shop. My mum was mortified. I also may have flashed my bum through my leggings. Worth it though.  So it's been on the bed since 4 pm, 'expanding', and it should be ready for action right about now.

Watch out bed, here I come!

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