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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dinero, dinero

Got a wage rise. So now, instead of rock-bottom, barrell-scrapping shit money I'm on kind of crap wages. Didn't get the rise I wanted but it wasn't really presented as a discussion - more like my boss just announced yest that they'd been thinking about it and they thought they should give me a rise cos I'm doing more work now, and have more responsibility etc. He made out that the rise they gave me was much more than they usually give but I've just found out that that's shit - the woman who had my job and is now doing a different aspect started on the same as me and then got a rise to 16,000 whereas I'm only on 15,000.

AND that eejit who used to work here who couldn't do anything, literally anything right, was on 18,000!! he was costing the company money, and screwing things up and lying to everyone and trying to cover his own sorry arse all day every day for months, and now i'm doing his job plus my job and i'm still getting less money.

So, although the wage rise is effective from the start of this month on, it'll give me a wee boost for a while but I think i'll be outta here by early next year at the latest...

ont he plus side, the bosses were out all morning (Wee Boss is on holiday) so it's been quite a skive-worthy effort so far. Facebook, hotmail, horoscope, facebook and repeat.

Big Boss is back though so it might be downhill til the end of the day, now. Over and Out.

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