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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Ahh, feel the burn

After a few weeks away, I finally hauled my arse back to the gym tonight.  I was thinking about going to a class, but couldn't decide between two: Body Attack and Body Pump.  In the end I sacked the class and just went up to the fitness suite.  Did some good weights work on my arms though, so I'm quite chuffed.  Maybe 2011 will be the year I have great arms. 

Having a shifty look online for something nice to wear for a job interview in London. I'm sure I could dig something out my wardrobe but whatevs.  I've seen a nice top on Asos.  Peevingly, the 'mink' coloured one is £30, while the same one in purple is only £13.  And, naturally, I like the mink.  Although, the purple isn't bad, but then I couldn't wear my red shoes with it.  Actually, now I'm thinking about it, maybe I wouldn't wear the red shoes with the mink one either.  Dunno.  Seeing as I hacen't actually been called for an interview yet, I've plenty of time to think about it!

The ballet last night was good fun.  Very nice dancing, and love love love the music.  It was Scottish Ballet's 'vulgar' version, so some parts were quite funny.  The prima ballerina was actually tiny, she looks about 11!  She's not though; I'm sure there are child labour laws against that.

We also went to Bella Italia for dinner first, and I had two 2-for-1 vouchers, so it was pretty cheap, only about £8 each, bonus!  AND I wore my cape and sparkled the night away.  Should've taken a pic, to stick up.  No, really, I am that vain.

My arms are feeling a bit scaly (nice), I need a new heavy duty body cream, any suggestions people?  Something cheap, and creamy, please!  Might just get some cocoa butter, it's a classic for a reason!

Oh god, late night Five mince TV.  Time to go, definitely.

Oh, except, my granny and my mum are away to Tenerife at the end of January for about 6 days, and my granny kept asking if I could go... Sooooo,  checked with the jobcentre people, and not only would the dates not clash with my signing-on appointments, but also, apparently I'm 'entitled' to a holiday whilst on the dole.  Who knew?  So my granny upped and bought me a flight, and now I, too, am Canary bound.  As AM said yesterday when I told her, I'm well taken care of!

Oh my god, my mum is using her Nintendo DS Lite Brain Trainer, and it is the funniest thing ever.  Some of the tests are speaking ones, so you say the answers into the wee mic ... so far so easy.  Except something about the way my mum says the answers means the machine doesn't understand! So she's saying the right answer but it's being marked wrong and they tell her to try again.  A general session on this game sounds something like this:

"Eight..... Five..... Four......Zero..... ZERO....ZEE-RO....NOTHING...NIL...ok, FOUR ...Five....Eight....Fucking Eight!.... you think I don't know what 8 minus 2 is? SIX!....Two...Two!...Oh for ... I'm not playing this any more...Four.... Three....Seven.... Eight...EIGHT...EIGHT, you stupid man! Eight!"

I am in stitches laughing, it's so funny. Then she laughs and makes it worse!  Hah, she's off for another go, I'm away to watch. :) I love my mum.


  1. Re the body cream - try cyclax cocoa butter, only £1 in the likes of savers ofsuperdrug. Good cream considering the cheapness of it

  2. Nice one, thanks Kerry, I'll give that one a go!

  3. Who was more sparkly, you or that eccentric spangly woman? Hers were multi coloured, but your were on a cape AND in your hair! Tell your mum to put on a totally weegie accent, it sometimes works better that way hah!

  4. Haha Frankie, I'll let her know! And I think that woman might just win because she had matching coloured sequins on her jacket and trousers. 80s-tastic, though whether or not she meant to be ironic, I don't know.

    On the other hand... I was wearing a cape. Ha!