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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I had a nightmare that I'd had to get a job in Primark.

Yeah, it was one of those totally random dreams that make no sense no matter how you look at it afterwards and it also seems to have been in 2 or 3 bits.

First of all there was the bit where I asked in Primark if they had any jobs going, assuming that they wouldn't and I wouldn't have to do it.  But then the woman said that the were looking for staff and said that I'd probably definitely get the job because I  spoke Spanish. I've just remembered that my Spanish friend ALA mentioned Primark in a message to me last night, and that's maybe where this whole thing came from.  Anyway.  So I ended up lying about having retail experience and then I was to go back in the next day for an interview, but the first person I spoke to had put in a good word for me and I probably had the job anyway.  And all the while, in my dream head I was going, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

In the next part of the dream, I found myself with 3 other people who were meant to be from the Glasgow Feminist Network, and for some reason we were all sitting in someone's living room analysing a poem. Then 2 of the women had a big argument, one of them stormed out, then the rest of us read on in this uber long poem and realised it was all about Vampires and how to protect yourself from becoming one if you get bitten.  I've also just realised where this might have come from, cause I mentioned in passing last night, this guy who I once borrowed the book Dracula from.  Or then again maybe I'm just  bit mad.

So, the end of this dream was going in to MM's kitchen (but it wasn't her real kitchen, I just knew that it was in my dream) and she was sitting there with RJ and they were asking about ... my Primark interview which was that afternoon!  So it all tied in together, and it still made no sense whatsoever.

I wanted to write that down cause it was one of those mad-ass dream but I hope it wasn't too boring too read about.  Don't want to become one of *those* people who spend half an hour every morning telling you about their dreams the night before, which you slowly die of boredom into your morning coffee.

On to more important stuff: the pub!  Went to orchestra last night (it was OK, but we played Beethoven's 8th and it sounded disastrous) (We also did Night on a Bare Mountain though, so that was nice) and afterwards I went to the pub with ED and another girl S from the percussion section.  We went to Speakeasy's only to find that the quiz wasn't on as we were the only people who entered (winners by default, surely?) and then we went to Mono which is attached to the Polo Lounge.  Cheap booze, and decent music for a while.  Then it started getting busy and crap so we left.  Me and ED got a taxi and it was only £6.50 to drop him off in Crossmyloof and go on to mine in Cathcart.  Private cabs are where it's at!!

Still no word from Woman Kind, and I'm starting to lose hope.  So today I'm finishing off re-doing my CV and then forwarding it on to various people and then checking out the job websites again. Fun day ahead. Ho hum.

Anyone out there got anything better planned for today? :)

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